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The Goal of Discovering the Best Natural Multivitamins

The Next Generation of Natural Multivitamins

The Next Generation of Natural Multivitamins

Today, natural multivitamins are better than ever. The best ones replace a pandemic of bad ones. For me, this has become a life mission.  Our company, Natural Biology is committed to developing the best natural multivitamins in history. To this end, we are on the cutting edge and we have created a whole new class of natural multivitamins we call a multi-nutritional. It goes far beyond traditional multivitamins and is closer to designer vitamins customized for Hollywood stars and professional althelets that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Natural Biology’s most advanced natural multivitamin consist of:

  • High Potency Multivitamins
  • Whole Foods Multivitamins
  • Organic Multivitamins
  • Phytonutrients
  • Glyconutrients
  • Immune System Dietary Supplements
  • Energy & Fatigue Supplements
  • Antioxdants

The Idea of the Creating the Best Natural Multivitamins

The idea came to me in the year 2001.  Remember, at this time,  high potency multivitamins were making their mark and whole foods multivitamins were just being introduced.   These were suppose to be revolutionizing concepts in the world of supplements – and they were light years in front of Centrum Multivitamins and One-a-Day Multivitamins – but they also had significant holes in delivering the ultimate solution to daily supplements.  And, this is important since more people take a multivitamin than any other supplement and often it is the only thing they take.

The Story Behind the New Generation of Multivitamins

Back in 2001,  I walked into a vitamin store.  I was doing a consulting work for the owner.  He was a good friend and one of the country’s best vitamin experts.  I noticed shelf with an interesting collection of supplement on it.  I asked why those vitamins were there because it seemed out of place in a well-organize store.  He told me one of his customers, a nutrition expert, came in every month and purchased that collection of 7 dietary supplements.

What caught my attention was what came next when he said “if all my customers knew what she knew I could eliminate 90% of all the dietary supplements I sell.”

That was a bold statement from a guy who had every major brand of every possible vitamin in his stores…   It also started making sense to me after he explained why.

Immediately I copied down what she had purchased – and at a tune of about $250 + per month I started taking this collection of the best vitamins which included phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, omega 3s, calcium, magnesium, antioxidants, amino acids, and probiotics.    And did it make a difference in my energy,  my well-being,  and my mood.  It dramatically impacted my sleep patterns for the better, which were becoming a problem.  I

Within 90 days I felt total rejuvenation and my wife really noticed.  One day I said to her “I think this is too much money and I should cut back” and she insisted I should not.  She told me “you are a changed man, do not stop.”

The Beginning of Something Great:  Orthomolecular Medicine

What I did not realize at the time was I was on an orthomolecular medicine model.  It was high potency.  Dr. Linus Pauling and I started spending a lot of nights up late as I read every possible article or research he had done.  By the way, he won two Nobel Prizes in Chemistry.  Orthomolecular consist of the purest ingredients in potencies adequate enough to saturate your body’s cells with micro-nutrients so they essentially cannot reject them, but accept them, thus positive change.  Our bodies have a unique capacity to reject foreign substances, and sometimes that is the good as well as the bad.   Orthomolecular is about total body system balance.  In the perfect state is an almost euphoric state, compared to a “runners high” but it is how God intended you to feel all the time.

Orthomolecular is expensive.  Orthomolecular seeks to balance body systems with high potencies of micr0-nutrients and minimize any nutritional deficiencies caused by age, stress, toxins, environmental influences, diet, exercise (lack or or too much), and genetics.   I was taking about 40 capsules per day.  The job was getting done, but I really did not like taking capsules all day.  It became a chore, but worth it.

The High Road to a Better Multivitamin Using Orthomolecular

I am not exactly sure when it all started.  It was more of a osmosis over a period of six months, but I began to contact labs and ask them about formulating a product that incorporated all the attributes of these seven products.   They laughed and thought I was crazy.  Ironically they said it could be done with a few minor exceptions we will discuss in a moment, but the reason they said it was a crazy idea was something like this “no one spends that much money on a dietary supplement.”   You would have to sell a bottle for $300 to make any money.  That is true if I followed the typical supplement industry mark-ups.

I am a researcher at heart.  Here’s what I learned.  I could make a very expensive high potency / whole foods multivitamin with extra antioxidants,  extra adaptogens,  extra vitamins, extra minerals, extra amino acids, naturally occurring enzymes and probiotics, a few important herbs, extra antioxidant (in fact our EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula in itself is one of the best antioxidant formulations on the market today), and extra phytonutrients.

This would give people almost everything they need to thrive from the cellular level – inside out.  What I needed to offer as add-ons was a calcium/magnesium product and an Omega 3.  You need these but different people need different amounts and it would not be wise to try to guess an average in a multivitamin style dietary supplement.

Natural Biology Changes Dietary Supplement History

I spent 20 years as an executive in the computer industry.  Efficiency and the willingness to build a better mouse-trap defines that industry  - and my experience coming into this.   The supplement industry reminds me a lot of the computer industry in the 1980s.  It was the wild west, full of cowboys,  good cowboys and bad cowboys, and Indians.  Around every corner stood opportunity and danger.  That is the same when shopping for vitamins todays.

A New Vision for Natural Multivitamins Emerges

What I saw was a supplement industry that was not willing to put all the right ingredients into a supplement using the absolute best available.   That profit model did not exist and still does not for the most part.  Most companies build products around one ingredient and the rest are window dressing.  It makes the label look good but the amount or potency of the other ingredients just really do not matter.

Vitamin Research and Product Development Are Not Always One in the Same

They should be…

I saw an industry that was great at quoting the research of natural vitamin ingredients but was not willing to put the same ingredients at the same potencies and purity levels used in the research.  This misleads.  For example if you see a research project that proves a certain result using 300mg of Grape Seed Extract from France at 98% purity levels – a company wanting to make those claims established in that research should use the identical ingredients at the same potencies.  What happens is you see structural claims like “it supports this and that” but seldom do you see a product that says, we duplicated the research with our products.   Natural Biology does…

Here were the goals I developed for Natural Biology back in 2001.  Today, I believe the EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula and Med Factors speak to the fulfillment of our commitment to redefine the history of dietary supplements.  These two products are the best of the best.   You can find products that even use more capsules than we do (six is a serving size for us – that is practical) but we have compared our formulations to products offering 20 capsules per day, and hands down we beat them.  Why?  The quality of our ingredients and the meta-analysis research methods we incorporate.   The difference is in how you feel about about 14-21 days if you follow our protocols.

Our daily supplement goals are a high road:

  • To develop a natural multivitamins with the best aspects of a high potency multivitamin, organic multivitamin, and whole foods multivitamin.
  • To develop a natural multivitamin with a total immune system support system of micro-nutrients.
  • To develop a natural multivitamin that is a superior antioxidant formula in and of itself and would eliminate the need to take additional antioxidants
  • To develop a natural multivitamin that exceeded the best “energy supplements” available
  • To develop a natural multivitamin based on meta-analysis where it would include potencies and amounts of every ingredient that represented clinical studies/research averages of those micro-nutrients.
  • To develop a natural multivitamin using the best quality ingredients available regardless of cost.
  • To develop a natural multivitamin with all the features above and to do it at family prices

One of our strategic objectives is dietary supplement education.    We believe an informed customer is our best customer:

  • Multivitamins benefits - how life if better with the best natural multivitamins
  • Multivitamins side effects - while very little there can be some particular with synthetic vitamins
  • Multivitamins Comparison – show you the differences from a professional eye
  • Multivitamin Reviews - how to read the label the right way (what to look out for)
  • Centrum Multivitamins - why they are so bad
  • One-a-day Multivitamins – why they are so bad

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